Care Home Companion

If you work in a Care Home this site is designed for you. We hope it will help you with daily care decisions and reassure you that the little things that you do everyday are a really important part of good quality care and vital in keeping the people we look after healthy and well.

It will also direct you quickly to extra information about those common problems that we encounter and what to do next, hopefully saving you a lot of time searching for information yourself.

The App is free to use so please take some time to explore its contents. You may wish to discuss aspects with colleagues and or your team leader and perhaps the visiting professionals to your home such as GPs, District Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Therapists etc.

The Care Home Companion has been designed with input from professionals working across Derbyshire and it’s development was supported by Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group.  Our vision is to bring the Care Home sector into the wider NHS family and to empower the sector, which we believe will lead to improvements in the quality of care for the people of Southern Derbyshire.

The App links to national and local guidelines for staff working in the Derbyshire area but for colleagues using this App in other localities you will always need to check for local guidelines relevant to your area.

If you have any questions, problems or are looking for updates please email us using our dedicated Care Home CCG email address